Our Brittany Puppies that are for sale have been bred to meet the highest AKC Standards.

We participate in AKC Training, AKC Pet Insurance and AKC ReUnite Microchip Programs.

Free 30 day AKC Pet Insurance Certificate. The certificate is a benefit of your AKC Registration and provides coverage for the first 30 days in their new home Activation is required.


AKC Kennel Club Canine College helps to educate breeders on best practices. Part Art, Part Science, and Total Devotion, breeding is exciting and challenging. AKC supports their breeders in our amazing journey to produce the best possible pups.


The AKC Bred with HEART Program is designed to improve the health and well being of pure breed dogs with breeders who have met the requirements and commitments to breed better dogs through health education and testing. 

We provide a microchip for all our pups with AKC Reunite. You must enroll your pets microchip ID with your contact information during the AKC Registration process. You can contact AKC Reunite at 800-252-7894.