1st pick Travis & Amanda Austin

Q4 2019 Litter Max & Amber

2020 Spring Litter Max & Coco taking 1st picks deposits now! 

1st pick Anette Stevenson

2nd pick Candy Wallgren

3rd pick Drew & Brenda Beadle

4th pick Treavor Harrison

5th pick Shane Smith

6th pick Austin Ingram

​7th pick Patrick & Wendy Stewart

​8th pick Josh Hayes

Litter #2 Max & Lucy

Litter #1 Max & Amber


Litter #5 will be Bessie and Boss 

Bessie was just covered April 4th and will have pups in June that will be ready for new homes in August

2nd pick Maria Kopman

2019 Summer Litter Max & Coco

SOLD no more deposits on this litter should Coco whelp more than 8 pups we will make them available at that time.

Litter #4     Lilly & Max

​Lilly was covered on May 3rd and we expect a litter around July 4th

1st Pick Justin & Emily Loftin

1st pick Jessica Mills

2nd pick Chris Kirkland

3rd pick Terry & Debbie Lovelace

4th pick Liz Parish

5th pick Andrew Kruut

6th pick Robert & Margret Peregoy

7th pick Melvin Rassmusen

8th pick Ann Sikes

 Texas Star Kennels has these Beautiful French Brittany Spaniel puppies for sale: 

​​Amber  taking deposits for 2019 litters - Amber expected to whelp Christmas/New Years pups 2019/2020​ litter

Lucy     taking deposits on Fall 2019 litters - Lucy expected to whelp pups for Thanksgiving/Christmas 2019 litter

​Coco    taking deposits on Spring 2020 litters - Deposits closed for 2019 litter - Open for Spring 2020

Lilly      taking deposits on Summer 2019 litter - Lilly was covered May 3rd and will whelp around July 4th

​Bessie  taking deposits for Summer 2019 Litter - Deposits closed for this litter 

2019 Thanksgiving/Christmas Litter Lucy & Max taking 1st picks!

Pictures of Lilly's March litter. She had Black/White - Liver/White - Orange/White pups and we expect a beautiful July 4th litter.


Litter #3 will be Max & Coco


Litter #5 will be Bessie and Boss 

Litter is SOLD should Bessie whelp more than 8 pups we will make them available at that time.

1st pick James Christie

2nd pick Brad Paschal

​3rd pick Barry Findlay

1st pick Becky Keeling

​2nd pick Kelly R Park

3rd pick Drew Scharf

​* Update 4/20/19: Bessie is starting to show and is doing well. We do expect a big healthy litter! 

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