​​TSK Home Breeders Association Pups 

Penelope's 2023 Litter

1st pick - Clay & Paula Frazier

2nd pick - Clay & Paula Frazier

​3rd pick -Brittany Whitaker (F)

4th pick - Joshua L. McMahon IV (M)

5th pick - Jared Hopper (M)

6th pick - Open

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open

​​​​​​​​​ Texas Star Kennels has Beautiful Liver, Orange, Black and Tri- Color 

Brittany puppies for sale and taking deposits on these litters: 


​Coco Chanel        taking deposits for 2023 litter - Coco & RamBeaux are taking deposit for their August 2022 litter. 

Flying O Lilly       taking deposits for 2023 litter - Lilly & RamBeaux are taking deposit for their 2023 litter. 

Penelope Galore taking deposits for 2022 litter - Penelope has (1) female pup available & ready for delivery now.

Ginger Benelli    taking deposits for 2022 litter - Ginger & RamBeaux are taking deposit for their July 2022 litter.

Josephine Remi taking deposits for 2022 litter - JoJo and RamBeaux are taking deposits for their 2022 litter.

TSK Home Breeders Association ​taking deposits for litter from TSK partner Kristi Calvin. Dam was covered on 5/1/22

expecting July 4th litter.

Litters coming in 2022 from our TSK partners:

Alex Calvin: KAC's Princess Delilah - Orange / White Dam

Matt & Stacy Thompson: Key Stone Penny - Orange / White Dam

Matt Carmichael: Wild Wings Lil' Lu -Orange / White Dam

Dolly's Delight - Orange / White Dam

Cristy Calvin: KAC's Diamond Daisy - Liver / White Dam

Josephine Remi "JoJo" our Tri-Color French Brittany Dam

Finished Brittany's for Sale

Coco was covered by RamBeaux 6/04/22 and will be expecting a litter around 8/06/22. 

1st pick - Monty & Theresa Bowman (F)

2nd pick - Mark Webb (F)

​3rd pick - Mitchell and Molly Thomas (F)

4th pick - Ty & Anita Spinks(Male)

5th pick - Open

6th pick - Open

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open

Ram-Beaux & JoJo 2022 Litter

1st pick - Luisen & Daisey Fernandez (M)

2nd pick - Benjamin McCoy (F) 

​3rd pick - Morgan Burke (M)

4th pick - Gauge Fowlkes (M)

5th pick - Brittany Clark (F)

6th pick - Christina Luton (M)

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open

Ram-Beaux Savage our Tri-Color French Brittany  Sire

Lilly's and Magnum's 2023 Litter

1st pick - Paula & Clay Frazier (M)

2nd pick- Paula & Clay Frazier (M)

3rd pick - Timothy Claus (F)

4th pick - Open

5th pick - Open

​6th Pick - Open

7th pick - Open
​8th pick - Open  

Taking deposit for our 2022 litters get a 1st pick !

Ginger and Magnum 2023 Litter 

1st pick - Toby & Halee Zelt (TCM)

2nd pick - Open

​3rd pick - Open

4th pick - Open

5th pick - Open

6th pick - Open

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open 

Penelope' 2022 Litter - (1) female pup available now for delivery

1st pick - Amber Joy (F)

2nd pick- Noel Goebel (M) 

3rd pick - Kristi Speiser (M)

4th pick - Patricia Murphy (M)

5th pick - Kaylee Aroniwitz (F)

​6th Pick - Armando Lugo (F)
7th pick - Tonya Floyd (M)
​8th pick - Available Female #7

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Ginger  was covered by RamBeaux on 5/21/22 and we will have pups around 7/23/22

1st pick - Christina Luton (M)

2nd pick - Cindi Rollings (F)

​3rd pick - Brittany Clark (F)

4th pick - Derek Bien (F)

5th pick - Cathy Barich (M)

6th pick - Jessica Diaz (F)

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open

Please call for available Brittany's

Ginger Benelli  

Taking Deposits for July 2022 litter

Ram-Beaux & JoJo 2023 Litter

1st pick - Lauren Bizzotto (M)

2nd pick - Brittany Clark (F)

​3rd pick - Austin Farco (F)

4th pick - Oleg & Maria Kopman (F)

5th pick - Open

6th pick - Open

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open

TSK Partner Cristy Calvin's Diamond Daisey was covered on 5/01/22 and expect July 4th pups. 

1st pick -Casey Garlow(F)

2nd pick - Open

​3rd pick - Open

4th pick - Open

5th pick - Open

6th pick - Open

7th pick - Open

8th pick - Open