​* Update 6/01/19:

Bessie has whelped 6 OW female pups. Pups will be ready for pick-up weekend of  August 12th at 6 weeks old.

Please call with any questions and to schedule a pick-up time. 

Q4 2019 Litter Max & Amber

1st pick Becky Keeling

​2nd pick Kelly R Park

3rd pick Drew Scharf

​4th pick Tonta Stoner

5th pick Mike McDaniel

Litter #3 will be Max & Coco

Litter #5 will be Bessie and Boss 

Litter is SOLD 

Pictures of Lilly's March litter. She had Black/White - Liver/White - Orange/White pups and we expect a beautiful July 4th litter.

​​ Texas Star Kennels has these Beautiful French Brittany Spaniel puppies for sale: 

​​Amber  taking deposits for 2019 litters - Amber expected to whelp Christmas/New Years pups 2019/2020​ litter

Lucy     taking deposits on Fall 2019 litters -Lucy was covered June 9th and will whelp around August 12th !

​Coco    taking deposits on Spring 2020 litters - Deposits closed for 2019 litter - Open for Spring 2020

Lilly      taking deposits on Summer 2019 litter - Lilly was covered May 3rd and will whelp around July 4th !

​Bessie  taking deposits for Summer 2019 Litter - Bessie whelped 6 OW female pups June 1st !

2019 Summer Litter Max & Coco

SOLD no more deposits on this litter should Coco whelp more than 8 pups we will make them available at that time.

Litter #4     Lilly & Max

​Lilly was covered on May 3rd and we expect a litter around July 4th



2020 Spring Litter Max & Coco taking 1st picks deposits now! 

1st pick Anette Stevenson

2nd pick Candy Wallgren

3rd pick Drew & Brenda Beadle

4th pick Treavor Harrison

5th pick Shane Smith

6th pick Patrick & Wendy Stewart

 Lucy & Max expecting a litter August 12th!

1st pick James Christie

2nd pick Brad Paschal

​3rd pick Barry Findlay

Litter #2 Max & Lucy

1st Pick Justin & Emily Loftin

Litter #1 Max & Amber


1st pick Jessica Mills

2nd pick Chris Kirkland

3rd pick Terry & Debbie Lovelace

4th pick Liz Parish

5th pick Andrew Kruut

6th pick Robert & Margret Peregoy

7th pick Melvin Rassmusen

8th pick Ann Sikes

2nd pick Maria Kopman

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1st pick Travis & Amanda Austin